Friday, August 13, 2010

Great ARM devkit from eBay

I recently bought this great kit:

 $40 for an ARM Cortex M3 microcontroller plus a color LCD touchscreen!

You don't need a programmer to start playing with it, as all STM32 chips come with a software bootloader, allowing for firmware uploading through UART.

Setting up a development environment is a bit complicated, but I've managed to get it working using the free Yagarto toolchain and a modified Makefile from this project.

Before I bought it, I found out on their site ( that they are selling a new revision of the board ( for almost the same price, so i asked them how much it would cost me, they said that it's gonna be $10 more.
I decided to buy the cheaper one on eBay and, to my surprise, they sent me the new one! :D

 So here is my awesome ARM devkit running a preprogrammed demo:

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  1. Hello Emery,

    I am impressed about all the information that you have on this blog and how useful is this for everyone who wants to fly "solo" with this kind of stuff.

    I have exactly the same dev board that you present on this post.

    I have been fighting the last weeks to try to run the LCD with no success at all.

    I am using keil v3 and v4. Please if you have any projects or files working with this board i would highly appreciate if you can sen them to my email

    thank you very much, and congratulation for such a great blog.