Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My $10 PSGroove board

The PS3 has finally been hacked, but why buy a modchip when you can make your own?

I've decided to make a board with the ATMEGA32U2 chip, because it's cheap and compatible with the popular Teensy 1.0 board, so I don't have to compile my own firmware. :P

It's my second homemade PCB, but my first double-sided one and with a TQFP chip!
I can't believe I've managed to solder all of that by hand.

 The ATMEGA32U2 is a bit problematic in that you have to edit avr-gcc and avrdude config files to compile the LUFA bootloader and program it on the chip properly, but it's nothing serious.


Eagle CAD files:

Big thanks to all the people behind PSGroove and other PS3 hacks, and to Dean Camera for his awesome LUFA stack!

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