Sunday, February 26, 2012

Stellaris MCU board

Here's a board I designed for use with Stellaris 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 MCUs from Texas Instruments.
It's meant to be used with either LM3S3748 (USB device/host) or LM3S6938 (Ethernet), but it will probably work with other models as well, because most of them have similar pinouts.
 The design is based on the schematics of evaluation boards for  LM3S3748 and LM3S6965.

My board with LM3S6938 (left) and LM3S748.
I've had it manufactured by iTead studio and I'm very satisfied with the result.
The boards were manufactured in 3 days, and shipping via airmail took less than two weeks.
There are some stories about how they mess up boards sometimes, but I don't see any problems with mine, even though I used thin 8 mil traces.

Here is a scan of both sides of the board.

Here is the board in Eagle CAD format:
The zip file also contains the schematics of an add-on board required for attaching an ethernet socket to the board.