Sunday, December 11, 2011

Nokia N900 Gamepad

The N900 is a great device, capable of running many game system emulators.
Unfortunately, playing on its keyboard is not very comfortable.
I've decided to do something about it...

I've built a gamepad that connects to the usb port and fits nicely over the keyboard.
It features 8 buttons and a PSP joystick, the device emulates a USB keyboard so it works out of the box with all games/programs.

At the heart of the gamepad is an ATmega8A running V-USB software USB stack.

Video of it in action:


Schematics, board and code:


  1. very cool, great work! I will make one for my n900.

  2. Absolutely beautiful, I was thinking of trying something similar for my Atrix. Great job on this!

  3. Noce to see this mob on Nokia N900. They use PSP joystick on such self-made

  4. Awesome project! Pozdrawaim życzę nowych pomysłów ! :D

  5. Hej, chciałbym abyś się do mnie odezwał.
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  7. Love this mod! I built a bluetooth SNES gamepad on my own, but this is connected through the USB port. I have some questions hoping you might have better info. I just got a Nokia N900 to play with and I'm having trouble with installing MAME and NEOGEO, I got all the other emulators working but those two, I can not get the games to show up. If you have any information on getting those set up can you contact me at my email:

  8. AWESOME !
    I just wanna get a bit help from you .
    I need how to make usb device driver for N900 (like control leds via my n900) please I waiting your help .

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  10. this is quite awesome :O do you think i'd be possible to do something like this for a nokia n8? AFAIK that mofo won't work with any joystick, unless it's an emulated keyboard.

    its driving me nuts i tell you. ive been thinkin of buying a cheap generic bluetooth keyboard and sticking a milestone gamepad on top of it. and then gluein all together with another generic plastic universal holder thing stuff

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  12. hola buenas noches, tengo una pregunta. tambien puede funcionar para tablet y otros dispositivos moviles? porq me parecio muy interesante tu gamepad. y me lo voy a tratar de construir si consigo el Integrado ATMega8A... espero me respondas saludos desde Venezuela...

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